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IT Consulting and Computer Services

M6iT Consulting is a leading professional services firm offering a cohesive set of services,
including IT consulting, Managed Services, system integration, and local or cloud infrastructure
designs. They also provide cloud backup, disaster recovery solutions, hosted exchange, hosted
Antivirus/ AntiSpam, and customized monitoring solutions.

Information technology is complex - M6iT Consulting provides the expertise to make your
environment run easily and efficiently. With their guidance, you’ll navigate the networks you’ve
already built more efficiently, or they will create a system individualized to your industry.

M6iT Consulting clearly communicates the crucial solutions necessary to strengthen your
infrastructure. They will then maintain it and support your end users, so that your operation is
primed to perform.

Whether M6iT Consulting builds you an original system, steers the internal set-up to a new
direction, or offers hosting capabilities, the delivered result always ensures high-performance
production for your company.

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