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Data T1

A Full Internet T1 is a circuit for businesses that
need high-performance and permanent connectivity.
A Full Internet T1 is a circuit for businesses that
used to transmit high capacity data and e-mail traffic.


5 MB, 10 MB, 20 MB, 50 MB and 100 MB Ethernet
circuits are available throughout metro areas in all
major cities. Ethernet circuits are better and
cheaper alternatives to T1s and DS3s.
Private lines

Are circuits also known as point to point circuits.

Multi Meg Pipes

For businesses that require bandwidth higher than
fractional DS-3 services, or maybe a full DS-3.

Carrier grade Ethernet Service, with Gigabit
speeds, available through a metro optical ethernet
network, is also available.

Web hosting & e-mail services

Combine all your data services with one provider,
on one bill.
Data Services
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